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Registered under Societies act 1958-Registration No. 517 jaipur/2012-13.....| Keeping the Balance.
Global Society Organisation Educational Game Training
The objectives of the Global Society Organisation include assisting gamekeepers and ensuring quality within the profession. Good training is an important route to achieving this.
The NGO works with a number of colleges which provide residential courses and apprenticeships for gamekeeping students and you can find out more about these and about becoming a gamekeeper via the NGO Educational Trust website.
Game Training
Traditional Indian wrestling isn't just a sport - it's an ancient subculture where wrestlers live and train together and follow strict rules on everything from what they can eat to what they can do in their spare time. Drinking, smoking . The focus is on living a pure life, building strength and honing their wrestling skills.
If the action of uttering the word “Kho” precedes the action of touching by hand, then it shall be deemed as a foul. Simultaneous action of touching and uttering “KHO” is not a foul. Single action of touching will not be deemed as foul.
Kabaddi is the game of attack and defense. Attack is also known as 'raid' and the attacker is called the 'raider' in Kabaddi. The singularity of the game is that attack is an individual effort while defense is a combined effort.