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Registered under Societies act 1958-Registration No. 517 jaipur/2012-13.....| Keeping the Balance.
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Over 16,000 gamekeepers, supporters and trade companies have already joined the Global Society Organisation. Their membership ensures the promotion and defence of gamekeeping, as well as giving them important NGO members benefits.

NGO Members Benefits
  • We provide you with an Internet platform for fundraising and share the information that shows transparency in your operation to the public domain which encourages people to support your organization and make donations.
  • Increase your outreach using the National Trust Fundraising Portal and put up your needs to reach donors and volunteers worldwide.
  • We collect your data and display it on this portal in a format which makes it easy for a visitor to understand your needs and make decisions to donate.
  • A prospective member must operate as a government recognized nonprofit organization with an ICT capability and have a presence in at least two developing regions of the world.
  • Free games or discounted admission to several Special Events.

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