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Registered under Societies act 1958-Registration No. 517 jaipur/2012-13.....| Keeping the Balance.
About us

Global Society . As the name suggests, its founding body was the National Gamekeepers' Organisation (NGO). But the NGO Educational Trust is an independent charity, with separate Trustees who are bound by the Charity Commission to conduct their work in a balanced and factual manner.
And (Kushti , Kho-Kho, kabaddi, gilli-danda etc..), non religious and non commercial character and is mainly engaged in imparting completely free games to the children from the families belonging to Economically Weaker Section and backward class of the society. Parents of these children are mostly labourers who live in slums, and are not able to get their children admitted in public schools or even in Govt. run schools due to poverty and illiteracy. Illiteracy is a curse and the (G S Ngo) is poised to eliminate it to the best of its capacity and ability.


Global Society Ngo strives to provide opportunities for socio-economic and spiritual development of vulnerable group like street and game playing children, rural poor, girls in general and the aberrant youth towards attaining the envisioned society.


The envisioned society that Global Society Ngodreams of is a humane value based, self reliant one, free from all sorts of exploitation and balanced in terms of gender, caste, religion, environmental and socio-economic status.